We take pride in offering a diverse selection of unique fixings designed to cater to your specific needs. Our range includes M10 and M12 coach screws, as well as concrete bolts, providing versatile solutions for securing balustrades to various surfaces. Choose from our zinc or stainless options for a reliable and sturdy fixing experience. Explore our collection and discover simple yet effective solutions for your balustrade installation.

Why Choose Our Strong & Reliable Fixings

Feel confident with our excellent balustrade fixings. The M10 and M12 coach screws hold tight, giving a strong grip. For stability on various surfaces, our concrete bolts are the way to go. Choose zinc or stainless options – your balustrades are securely fixed, ensuring safety and durability for your spaces. Rest easy knowing your surroundings are well-protected.

Versatile Options

we understand that surfaces vary. That's why we offer versatile fixings suitable for different materials. From wood to concrete, our M10 and M12 coach screws, along with concrete bolts, provide reliable options. Choose between zinc and stainless finishes for a solution tailored to your specific surface needs.

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