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We stock a range modular glass panels to incorporate into our Framless glass Balustrade & Spigot Balustrade systems. Each glass panel is quality checked as our aim is to ensure our customers have 100% satisfaction, each glass panel comes with polished edges to all 4 sides as standard. Our high quality polished toughened or toughened/laminated safety glass is designed to be incorporated into our glass Balustrade systems.

Toughened glass is up to five times as strong as ordinary glass, when broken it turns into lots of small shards to reduce the risk of injury, it is also easier and safer to clean up if it breaks. The small fragments can easily be thrown away. Laminated glass has the same strength as ordinary glass but it consists of two pieces of glass acts as a sandwich with a plastic inter-layer. If the glass does get broken, this inter-layer holds the glass ensuring no void is created and will not scatter any fragments.

To comply with
 building regulations when protecting a fall and you are using one of our frameless balustrade systems without a handrail then this should be used in conjunction with the relevant laminated glass only as laminated glass offers a secondary barrier should a failure occur to one of the glass panes.

  • Colour Options

    Our Glass systems come in lots of different types anything other than clear is made to order, Our range includes Clear Toughened Glass, Opaque , Frosted, Tinted, Grey glass, Bronze glass & Low ion glass.

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Please call us if you require custom specifications for your glass. If you cannot find the glass you require please call us!