Glass railings are a type of railing system that are made of glass panels or sheets. Our glass railing systems are designed to provide safety and protection while also maintaining an unobstructed view. Glass railings are commonly used in indoor and outdoor spaces such as balconies, decking areas, staircases, and terraces. The glass panels are typically supported by metal frames or  other specialised hardware, depending on the specific installation. Glass railings are popular for their sleek and modern look, as well as their ability to complement various architectural styles. They also require less maintenance than traditional railing systems and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Are Glass Railing Systems Popular?

Glass railing systems are becoming more popular, this is primarily due to their modern, sleek, and elegant look, that's suitable for many different spaces. They can also provide several functional benefits such as unobstructed views, durability, low maintenance, and high safety standards.

It is important to consider all factors and consult with our professional team to determine if a glass railing system is the right choice for your particular need.


  • Installation

    All of our glass is made to the highest specifications, we can both supply and install your glass privacy screen.

  • Where Do We Supply?

    We have mobile teams ready to assemble your system across the UK. If you are interested in booking your system, call us on: 01522 244 190

  • Can you measure my system requirments?

    Using our calculator we can get an idea of the type of system you desire and can ensure that its made to fit. All of our systems can be made bespoke to your specifications.

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